NEW! Suits for Purchase

We are now offering Suits for purchase. These are slim fit 3-piece suits in a super 140. These suits are available in grey, charcoal, navy or black. Call or visit the store for more details.

Giveaway Winner

Back in March we had a contest to win a FREE Tuxedo rental. Chantel Hawkins was the lucky winner and she gave the free rental to her friend Caleb. Here’s a picture of Caleb and his prom date. Don’t they look great! He picked a traditional black suit and vest with a teal tie. He looks so sharp!


The Perfect Tuxedo







“What’s the difference between tuxedo fits?” is one question that we hear a lot. We wanted to break this information down for you. A traditional fit will be more square throughout the waistline and it usually has the widest lapel (the collar of the jacket). A modern fit will be a little more fitted through the waistline. The fitted tuxedo will be the slimmest fit with the waistline defined and the most narrow lapel. When choosing a tuxedo for you, decide how you want to look and how comfortable you want to be. The fitted tuxedos can tend to be a bit more expensive to rent, but keep in mind that you can achieve a more fitted look with a traditional tuxedo by going down a coat size or two. The best advice for you is to come into our Provo store and try on several coats to see what you like best. We’re open Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm.