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Suit vs. Tux


tux vs suit

Really, it’s up to you, but that’s not very helpful so here’s our two cents on whether your groom should wear a suit or tux.

1. What does he wear to church, business meetings, funerals and Christmas dinner parties? If you answered a suit move to number 3. If you answered a tux move to number 2.

2. Really? He wears a tux to church? Then you have a guy who likes to dress pretty fancy and a suit definitely won’t cut it for his wedding. Choose a tuxedo for your wedding and make sure to get him some new shiny shoes, personalized cuff links and a 100% silk tie. You’ve got to make him feel special-like he’s going to his wedding.

3. If your guy wears a suit to church, business meetings and funerals you probably don’t want him wearing a suit to your wedding. He needs to feel and look like he’s going somewhere special. The bride isn’t wearing her Sunday best so neither should he. You need to wear something that sets your day apart from all other days and all other occasions because this one tops them all. Please continue to number 4.

4. If we haven’t convinced you yet on why you should dress special for your special day take a look at a few other opinions.

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